“Go above and beyond our customer’s expectations and handle their transportation needs from the moment of pickup, delivery and beyond. Put culture, process, and innovation ahead of cost in order to get the job done every time, without fail and without compromise. When we say we are going to do something, we do it. Period.”
Shram Logistics Solutions is an asset based logistics provider based in Nicholasville, KY with offices throughout North America. Our expertise in the transportation industry dates back more than 25 years. We provide logistics solutions for various customers, ranging from large national and international companies to smaller independent businesses. Shram Logistics is committed to creating and maintaining relationships with our customers by providing value-added services with honesty and integrity.

Shram Logistics is a proud member of the TIA – Transportation Intermediaries Association and is bound by the TIA Code of Ethics. This code was developed and adopted by the TIA to promote and maintain high standards of professional service and ethical business conduct among its members.
About US
38 000
Our teams work everyday, all year long, including holidays
We'll handle freight moves with the outstanding customer service and sense of urgency that you and your business deserve
Over 25 years of experience in the logistics industry
We service to and from all points in the continental United States including Canada and Mexico.

Also we have warehouses in multiple states and offer dry and refrigerated storage.
Our teams of dispatchers are dedicated to follow through on every shipment.

We handle the important task of routing orders to optimize each shipment. We take care of scheduling all deliveries so that loads are delivered as efficiently as possible.
Our Customers
Freight Solutions
We have been arranging nationwide freight solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s truckload shipping, LTL service, dry, refrigerated or frozen and any other specialty freight moves, we'll handle them with the outstanding customer service and sense of urgency that you and your business deserve. Our truckload services are tailored to fit the individual needs of each customer. We can tailor-fit a shipping solution to handle any shipment size. We utilize the resources of our carriers and leverage our relationships to provide our customers with the convenience and simplicity of using a single provider.
Scheduling and Routing
We offer warehousing services to our customers as a supplemental service. Offering warehouses in multiple states, our facilities are ideal for cargo storage. Customers are able to utilize this option for trans-loading storage, fulfillment, or just standard indefinite warehousing.
Our customers can delegate scheduling and routing of customer orders to us. They can rest assured that their customer orders will be scheduled and routed in the most efficient and optimized way possible. Whether you are a small, mid-sized, or enterprise business, our scheduling and routing service will help you be more efficient, increase profits and decrease headaches.
Our tools
Our system offers a personal portal for customers where you can see up to date information on all your shipments. You have the ability to pull up a map of all shipments that are on route and drill down into the details of any of their loads. You are able to see status updates for each load, including the location and status notes of each call. Also you can get updates to email in real time
The ability to access the POD’s and invoices
Review important details about their loads
create a load directly from their portal
EDI Capable
Updates 24/7 in real time
Our system offers a personal portal for our carriers where you can see up to date information and the payment status on all their loads as well as post their available equipment. You can look through our available freight on the carrier portal. Loads can be sorted by location, equipment type, weight, trailer length, origin, destination, picks/stops, etc.
the ability to see the payment status of all their loads
Review important details about their loads
Map Undelivered Shipments
EDI Capable
Updates 24/7 in real time