Carrier Tools


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Carrier Portal

Our system offers a personal portal for our carriers where they can see up to date information on all their loads as well as post their available equipment. 

Available Freight

Carriers can look through our available freight on the carrier portal. Loads can be sorted by location, equipment type, weight, trailer length, origin, destination, picks/stops, etc.  

Shipment Updates

Carriers have the ability to stay ahead of the game by entering their updates directly to each load. Arrival times, loaded times, departed times, etc.

AP Status

Carriers have the ability to see the payment status of all their loads. Whether it is still pending to be paid or to research a load that was already paid, all info is available with all load details. 

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Map Undelivered Shipments

Customers have the ability to pull up a map of all shipments that are on route. They can then drill down into the details of any of their loads.

Check Calls

Customers are able to see status updates for each load, including the location and status notes of each call. If requested, updates could be emailed to the customer in real time.

Shipment Details

Customers can review important details about their loads including appointment dates and times, reference numbers, as well as pickup and delivery addresses.







Customers have the ability to access the POD’s and invoices of any outstanding shipments. No need to wait until a shipment is invoiced. Paperwork is readily available once it is uploaded.

Add Shipments

Customers are able to create a load directly from their portal and it will be ready for shipment in our system. No need for emails or calls. If EDI is enabled, loads from the customers TMS will be pushed directly to our system for acceptance.

Freight Quotes

Customers can create a shipment and receive a quote from us with a link to accept or deny the quote. Once a quote is accepted it automatically turns in a ready shipment in our TMS.

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1099 Reporting Notice



Effective immediately, Shram Logistics Solutions will no longer be reporting 1099 information to the IRS. Shram Logistics Solutions will no longer be sending out 1099’s to Carriers/Business Owners. Shram Logistics Solutions is “exempt” from reporting payments for truck, rail, ship, and air freight services. Payments made to Carriers/Business Owners are considered exempt from the IRS. Shram Logistics Solutions can provide you with a full report of your total yearly earnings.